Find in this page all the activities we have done on field together with our precious partners Procluster and Harnai.



The main goal of our first visit was basically to start the project with our Indian partners. After planning our stay and activities with Procluster's team, we moved to Katgaon Village, the place we have identified for our research and pilot project. Here, we met our second partner: Harnai, a group of farmers who helps the local community by fighting everyday to have the right support and benefits from the government.

07 August 2014 - PUNE

We spent our first day in Pune setting up our research plan. In the morning we introduced ourself to Procluster's team, our strategic partner in Maharashtra, sharing opinions and ideas for the activities to be done on field. In the afternoon we presented Sanjeevani project to Mr. Budhkar at MCCIA (Mahratta Chamber Of Commerce Industries & Agriculture) collecting new feedbacks and advices for our trip in Katgaon. 

Meeting Procluster's team

Sharing research methodologies

Presenting the co-design session

Meeting with Mr. Budhkar at MCCIA (Mahratta Chamber Of Commerce Industries & Agriculture) 

08 August 2014 - KATGAON

Our first day in Katgaon was simply outstanding. We were welcomed as divinities with rituals, songs and smiles. We walked through the village visiting the main significant places: hospital, school, temple and mosque, main square etc... After this first exploration we were introduced to the community and to Harnai. We basically made everybody understand why we were there presenting ourselves and the project goals.

In the afternoon, we had our first preliminary visit in the fields with the entire group of Harnai. We enjoyed the sunset walking on the hills surrounding Katgaon's lake.

Katgaon's community welcomed us warmly with rituals and ceremonies

Katgaon's school

The temple

The hospital


Setting up the research

First visit in the fields 

Enjoying the lake view

09 August 2014 - KATGAON

After the first amazing day, we came back to Katgaon to start all the research activities planned with Procluster. Harnai’s team took care of the questionnaires (involving up to 40 farmers) and found 5 farmers to be interviewed. We started all together to interview 3 of them in their fields, asking about all the problems they are facing daily. Moreover, we had the chance to visit different water and energy resources available for farmers.

Presenting all the activities to Harnai

First interview

Second interview

Third interview and visit

Harnai members


Land products


10 August 2014 - KATGAON

The third day started with an amazing and energetic breakfast in Katgaon to face a new intense day of work. We completed the planned interviews in the morning having at the same time a look at the local products sold by farmers everyday.

In the afternoon we celebrated Rakhi festival all together as brothers and sisters as the ritual wants. Rain arrived at the end of the day making everybody happy and relaxed.




Farmer products 

Katgaon women

Rakhi ceremony

Raining... :)

11 August 2014 - LAST DAY IN KATGAON

The last day in Katgaon was definitely the most intense! In the morning the Farmer Pride Campaign was launched in the main square of Katgaon in front of the curious and excited population.

A group of actors and musicians entertained Katgaon with songs and acts celebrating the importance of farmers in Indian society. 

Farmer Pride Campaign Launch

After an amazing lunch break, we started our co-creation & co-design session with Harnai. The first goal was to better understand the context discussing about different topics such as religion, community, education, healthcare, work, energy, water etc… Moreover we had the chance to show different and possible technical solutions to farmers collecting their feedbacks, questions and doubts.

The last part of the day was probably the funniest for everyone: farmers helped us by sketching their ideas regarding the Farmer Pride Campaign and the entire communication of Sanjeevani project (logo, colours, images, message…) while a group of kids drew for us different art pieces representing Katgaon daily life.

Co-Design workshop with farmers

Discussing possible technical solutions and...

Kids' drawings representing Katgaon daily life

... better understanding the context

Design workshop with farmers


to be continued...