The idea of the project Sanjeevani was born in 2012 from the collaboration between Engineers Without Borders - Milan (ISF-MI) and the association Parivartan, an association of Indian students and professionals based in Milan.

 Brainstorming in Milan

Brainstorming in Milan

The project has as its goal the improvement of the socio-economic conditions of Indian farmers, particularly in the State of Maharashtra in central-southern India.

In this region, it is still particularly common the phenomenon of farmers' suicides.


Pilot project


The pilot project currently includes two separate  and complementary actions, which are the creation of an awareness campaign called Farmer's Pride Campaign aimed at farmers themselves to promote the importance of their role within the Indian society and the design of a system of electric energy production to allow local water pumping and irrigation in the village of Katgaon.

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Our approach




The awareness campaign Farmer's Pride Campaign is an initiative to bring farmers to the center of interest. Showing the importance of the role played by farmers, this campaign aims to gather the support of the local community and all the people who share the cause.

The Farmer's Pride Campaign is thought to be widespread in rural and in urban areas.
The campaign program includes the organisation of events and the creation of multimedia projects.

As for events, the program sees the organisation of street performances, theatre performances, public readings of essays and poems, while multimedia projects include the creation of videos on the importance of the farmer in society and the development of graphic elements (images, animations, etc.) that show the lives of farmers.

Particularly important factor is also the traditional popular music, widely used to celebrate the work of farmers.

Thanks to Parivartan, ISF-MI has contacted Harnai, an association made up of children of farmers who work Katgaon.

Harnai carries out social activities, providing sanitation and helping farmers in the production of organic fertilizers. The idea of locating the pilot project in Katgaon comes just from contact with this association. From an initial interview with Harnai has emerged as farmers cannot irrigate the fields with continuity when necessary, because of the frequent blackouts in the power grid.

We are currently gathering information for the design of an energy system appropriate to the needs of Katgaon farmers to provide electricity during power cuts to pump water and irrigate the fields with continuity.

With the help of Parivartan we have translated and sent surveys to Harnai with the aim of collecting specific data on energy consumption, environmental conditions and available resources.